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Let The Experts Design Your System

Our business consultants are very experienced in a vast array of business operating models and their requirements. My It Resource will work with each department of your business noting the specific needs while determining all of the possible opportunities for automation. Once all facets of the operation are understood, My It Resource will design your system to meet the complete requirement with special focus on ease of use, controlled data entry, complete financial processing from invoicing to aged receivables, and tools to assist all levels of management, including human resource projections. My It Resource will provide your staff with a detailed system specification showing each level of functionality, written in terms that your staff will understand. A prototype will be created, when necessary, to allow you to experience the "look and feel" of your software.

Enhanced Workflow

By preventing duplicate entires, generating information when possible, logical screen layouts, and field-level controls, the system allows for greater production throughout your company.

Increased Data Security

System functionality is limited by user account, preventing unauthorized access to company-sensitive information. Supervisor overrides, financial controls, and user monitoring helps to prevent fraud.

Increase Data-Mining Capabilities

My It Resource designs systems capable of mid-cycle reporting, allowing your staff to monitor their goals and projections. Statistical, managerial, and risk management reporting provides better control and assessment capabilities.

Optimize Data Reliability

Data validation is performed during each field entry. Preventing bad data from entering the system is key for reporting reliability.

Increased Reporting Capabilities

Custom solutions provide reporting capabilities that may be impossible to achieve through standard software offerings. Reports that meet your specific requirements can assist in all areas of your business including marketing, price determination, and projections. All aspects of the system are designed with the reporting requirements as the top priority, allowing you to depend on receiving accurate information.

Increased Employee Productivity

Custom software allows for increased efficiency through an intuitive system interface designed for your company specifically. All tasks that can be automated are performed by the system, thus reducing user responsibility. Increased controls prevent unnecessary data entry errors and increases data validity. System functionality is designed for your particular industry, using the correct jargon, and is specific for your business requirements.